February 14-16, 2020 Tucson, AZ

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2019 Wait List

The 2019 wait list is closed… But there are still ways to participate –even ride– without being invited to register from the wait list.  Consider the following:

  • Join the 24 HOP Team/Rider Swap Facebook Group.  Advertise your availability to ride with a team, find teams in need of riders, or see who has an entire team to transfer.
  • Sign up to Volunteer.  You get to be a part of the event, you get a t-shirt… and you get to be our hero (we can’t pull this off without a couple hundred volunteers).  If that wasn’t enough, 24HOP 2019 volunteers will receive Priority Registration for 24HOP 2020 (think: register before October 1).
  • Be a spectator. If you can’t do any of the above, just come and hang out… Check out non-participant guidelines here.

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