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Epic Rides ...A good day on the bike

2014 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Presented by Tucson Medical Center

Whiskey Reg is Going... Going... Almost Gone!

The #7daysofgiveaways launched Whiskey Off-Road registration at blazing speed. Much like the #24HOP, it appears that the Whiskey will sell out in record time.

Don't miss out on riding Jedi quality singletrack in the Prescott National Forest, relaxing on the courthouse lawn with free live music and cheering on mountain biking's fastest pro riders as they chase their share of the $40,000 equal payout cash purse.

Clear your calendar for April 25-27, load up the family truckster and point it toward Prescott, AZ.

Register Today!

RIDE TIP: Pass with Class

Epic Rides wants to make sure everyone at the 15th Annual 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Presented by Tucson Medical Center has a good day on the bike. Follow these simple passing etiquette guidelines and assure your lap, and those you pass/are passed by, are nothing but smooth runnings.

  • Slower riders should yield to faster riders while on the course. When a passing rider says "On your left", it means they will pass on the left, the rider being passed should then bias toward the right side of trail and hold a steady predictable line.
  • Refrain from speeding up when someone wants to pass. Although it will provide a glimmer of victory provoking thought and imagery, it's isolated emotion and ultimately only makes matters more frustrating for both riders (sense humor).
  • For those passing, be vocal but courteous. Give plenty of advance notice by shouting "On your left" or "May I pass when you get a chance". And as you pass, say "Thanks" or "Great Job". Encouragement is always welcomed.

#24HOP Official Jersey Revealed

It's with great pleasure Epic Rides unveils the Official 2014 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Event Jersey.

Designed by the crack creative crew at Cirrus Visual Communication, the 15th Annual 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Official Event Jersey combines the mystical Sonoran Desert sunset with the vintage feel of the widely popularized 1950's Route 66 travel postcards.

Also available with a matching wind vest, the Official Event Jersey is made by Primal Wear using their proprietary Q3 fabric offering superior fit and comfort.

Much like event registration, the jersey and wind vest will sell out. Pre-order a jersey and/or vest today!

Celebrate Your Child's Birthday with OPGA

Tired of doing the 'same old' for your kiddo's big day? This year, consider Tucson's Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy to host a fun-filled and memorable birthday party for your child and their friends.

Let the youngins get their wiggles, giggles, jumps and tumbles out in OPGA's state-of-the-art, air-conditioned facility. Parties include private gym time with fun activities like obstacle courses, a jumping castle and a tumble track, plus a party host and coaches for supervision.

Book your party with Old Pueblo Gymnastics Academy today!

See ya trailside,

The Crew at Epic Rides

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Grand Junction Discount

When registering for the Whiskey Off-Road, register for the Grand Junction Off-Road at the same time and receive a $25 discount off Grand registration.

Quality Saddle Time

blackburn Sometimes the ride is never long enough. Miles go by on an endless supply of energy. There is no pain, there is no boredom; there is just you, the bike, expansive views and a feeling of content.

Blackburn has the mark on gear when it comes to rides like this. Be sure to check 'em out when the opportunity for a multi-day pedal comes knocking at the door.

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Factoid - Camelbak

The CamelBak name comes from a play on the urban legend that a camel stores water in its hump. In reality, those humps store fat.

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