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Shimano Youth Series Kids Ride

1 Grand & 3 Grand (1 Grand = 1 Mile)

1 Grand is recommended for push bikes, trikes and newbies looking for a short ride through the expo. The 3 Grand is recommended for more experienced riders. Parents are welcome to join the children and experience the scenic ride together! All riders are required to wear a helmet that complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standards.

Registration details

Entry is $10, parents can ride with their kids for free. Visit the Epic Rides tent in the Hi-Health Bike and Wellness Expo to register.

Funds raised from the Shimano Youth Series Kid’s Fun Rides are donated to the Riverfront Foundations family & children’s initiatives. 

Registration Hours

Friday 12p-7p
Saturday 7a-7p
Sunday 7:00a-8a

Start Times

3 Grand - 8:30a, Sunday
1 Grand - 8:35a, Sunday


The Shimano kid's ride is a beautiful ride out to Riverside Park Drive along the Colorado River.
Start time: 8:30a  (Concludes at 9:30a – Course must be cleared for returning Pro riders)

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