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Shimano Youth Series Kids Ride

1 Grand & 4 Grand (1 Grand = 1 Mile)

1 Grand is recommended for push bikes, trikes and newbies looking for a short ride through the expo. The 4 Grand is recommended for more experienced riders. Parents are welcome to join the children and experience the scenic ride together! All riders are required to wear a helmet that complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standards.

Registration details

Entry is $10, parents can ride with their kids for free. Visit the Epic Rides tent in the Backcountry.com Bike and Gear Expo to register.

Funds raised from the Shimano Youth Series Kid’s Fun Rides are donated to the Riverfront Foundations family & children’s initiatives. 

Registration Hours

Friday 12p-7p
Saturday 7a-7p
Sunday 7:00a-8a

Start Times

4 Grand - 8:30a, Sunday
1 Grand - 8:35a, Sunday


The Shimano kid's ride is a beautiful ride out to Riverside Park Drive along the Colorado River.
Start time: 8:30a  (Concludes at 9:30a – Course must be cleared for returning Pro riders)

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