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About Epic Rides

About Epic Rides

Do you remember the first time you rode a bicycle? The wind in your hair, the adrenaline in your blood, that feeling of absolute freedom…

Good Times. At Epic Rides, we believe that every ride should be just as exciting as the first one. That’s why each of our events is more than just an event. It’s a celebration of the bicycle, the outdoors, and the individuals and organizations who make the mountain biking community the coolest group of people on the planet. World champions, up-and-comers, weekend warriors, first-timers, kids on BMX bikes, people in gorilla suits being chased by people in banana suits – you’ll find them all at Epic Rides events.

Get at it...What makes our events so much fun? You, and lots of people just like you. The Epic Rides community knows how to have a great time. We provide the ultimate venue for adventure and allow you to choose a level of challenge that is within, or well beyond, your comfort zone. Then we gather a several hundred to a few thousand like-minded folks, give everyone a bunch of high quality swag, then kick the party into gear. Our events are more about your experience than racing and ridiculous rules.

Good Times. People travel from near and far to participate in the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Presented by Tucson Medical Center, Whiskey Off-Road and the Tour of the White Mountains simply because of the vibe that surrounds our events. We owe much of that to the magical beauty of the state of Arizona, but a major component is our approach to event production. Our rules are simple: be nice and have fun. Our expectations are enormous: help every rider have more fun than they’ve ever had on their bicycle. As dedicated mountain bikers we know what a big challenge that is. But challenge is one of the things that makes our sport so much fun. And the greater the challenge the greater the reward, for us and for you.

Good Times. Even though our events are top-notch it doesn't mean that you have to shell out big bucks to ride with us. We take pride in the fact that our events remain very affordable in a world of unreasonably expensive fees. But that's not to say that we take the "no frills" approach. We hook you up with nice T-shirts, water bottles, posters with original art from award-winning designers, painters and photographers, products from leaders in the industry, and much more. And all of our events benefit local charities! For us, it's not about making money; it's about making a difference.

Costume WinnersAlthough Epic Rides is light-hearted in nature, we have a serious commitment to the environment. We follow Leave No Trace principles and do everything possible to take care of the areas where our events are held. The natural beauty of our venues is elemental to the experience, and we don’t want to do anything to change that. As a wise man once said, “Take only memories, leave only tire tracks.”

We hope you’ll join us for an upcoming Epic Ride.

See ya trailside,

Todd Sadow
Epic Rides

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