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The following information is intended to help your event go smoothly. Take it for what it is…tips or a survival guide…either interpretation is our effort to help you make the best of your event experience.

This list will be added to on occasion. Please remember to check back for updates.

Aid Station Locations

There will be a total of 3 aid stations on the course; aid station #1 and #3 are the same location. Aid station #2 is located at the lowest point of the 50 Proof course and is followed by a 16-mile climb to Sierra Prieta Overlook water station. Specific aid station locations can be found on the detailed course map page here.

Aid Station Fare

GU Roctane EnergyGU Energy Labs is the Official Nutrition Sponsor of all Epic Rides events. Participants can look forward to GU products at each aid station, including Gu gels, chomps and brews. If a rider prefers a different sports drink mix or energy drink, we encourage them to bring their own and mix with the water provided on route. Food; Each aid station will be equipped with bread products (bagels, donuts, cookies, etc..), fruits (banana's and oranges) and pickels. There will be more than plenty to go around.

Start of Event

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25 Proof Preskit Pass holders
| 50 Proof Preskit Pass holders

Plan to start the event with a full tank of water and plenty of food. These are both items riders should bring as Epic Rides emphasizes the provisions we provide for on course and post ride purposes.

All who've participated in the Whiskey Off-Road before know showing up to the start line five minutes before the shotgun blast goes off decreases odds of a good starting spot. In effort to align riders of similar fitness and skill levels at the start line, the Whiskey features a corral format starting grid.

All riders who participated in a 2012 or 2013 Epic Rides event and finished within an hour of the fastest finisher will receive a "Preskit Pass" that places them in the front corral. The Preskit Pass will be distributed at Packet Pickup. Please note that riders only receive a Preskit Pass to the front of the event distance they participated in.

Starting in 2013, there is additional climbing on fire road and a smoother transition to better sort the field prior to entering the first section of singletrack, and with a new section of singletrack being added, the fun factor goes up while making matters more enjoyable for riders of all skill and fitness.

As riders enter the first section of singletrack, Epic Rides highly encourages all riders to put a 10ft - 15ft gap between themselves and the rider in front of them. This precautionary measure will prevent congestion in the case the rider in front needs to dab (i.e. put a foot down).

Rider Support

All participants arriving to the Thumb Butte/Copper Basin Rd. intersection at 1:30p or after will be re-routed down Copper Basin to the finish line.

The 15 Proof event is finished at 6:00p and the fat tire crit will be finished at 7:15p on Friday, April 25, 2014. The 25 & 50 Proof events are finished at 4:00p on Saturday, April 26, 2014. The 50 Proof Pro event is finished at 2:00p on Sunday, April 27, 2014. After each event day is finished, all course support will be closed.

Click here for the 2014 Whiskey Weekend & Concert events schedule.

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