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Following is a detailed route description for the Whiskey Off-Road endurance mountain bike event. Epic Rides recommends starting the event with a full hydration pack, two water bottles and sufficient food to fuel your body.

All course maps are here | Whiskey Off-Road Queue Sheet is here
GPX files can be found on topofusion.com

Parking - Downtown Prescott near Whiskey Row. Epic Rides recommends parking West of Whiskey Row off of Granite Rd. There is a very large, very new parking garage there. Remember to remove bikes from roof prior to entering.

South on Montezuma (Whiskey Row) to Goodwin. West on Goodwin up Summit Avenue. Right on Glenwood Avenue to Park Ave. Left on Park Ave. to Country Club. Right on Country Club to Highland. Left on Highland to Copper Basin Rd. Note, Country Club will get a little funky just stay with it. Right on Copper Basin Rd.

Right on Copper Basin Rd.
Note to the Pre-Riders:
Camp Stein (formerly Camp Pearlstein) has been purchased from the Prescott National Forest Service. Previously, this land was secured for the camp through a lease with the Forest Service which allowed an easement for the general public to utilize. Now that the land has been purchased, Camp Stein has graciously agreed to continue allowing the event to pass through their property; however, for pre-riding and general year around riding enjoyment, they've kindly requested that all trail users circumnavigate their property by utilizing trail 391. Located immediately next to where the pavement of Copper Basin turns to dirt, pre-riders should take 391 to the top of 327. From trail 327, the course will continue forward as usual. 

Day of Event: Copper Basin will eventually get very steep. When the steep ends the pavement will also. Enter Forest Service on Copper Basin dirt rd. Approx. 30 min. on pavement and a few minutes on dirt portion of rd.

Turn right on Camp Pearlstein Rd. Follow Camp Pearlstein Rd. to the end. While riding through the camping area please be mindful as they are kindly providing us with access strictly to increase fun factor of the event. Speaking of fun factor, once you ride through the camp area you will come to a gate. During the event it is open. Before or after it is closed. Please go around or over (carefully). Follow the road up to trail #393.

Trail #393
Turn left on #393, follow trail until it descends down to the dirt parking lot/trailhead.

15 Proof’ers
Turn right on Copper Basin and climb to the top of the road. At the 3-way intersection turn right on to road#373 (you are now on the same route as all other distances to the finish). Follow to Sierra Prieta overlook. After taking a gander, turn 180 degrees and start up the switchback single-track trail #266.

30 & 50 Proof’ers
Trail 393 will end at a new trailhead & parking lot (Thanks Prescott Forest Folks!). After a quick shout out to Rob Hehlen and his trail building crew, go directly across Copper Basin Rd., after looking both ways for safety, begin super sweet re-routed Trail #48. At top of #48 you'll come out on a double track, turn right on double track and follow for less than 5 minutes. Then turn right again to continue on trail #48 at 3-way intersection (think water bars and brief climb...now the fun begins).

Right from 3-way (Single Track)
After turn you will be on Single Track trail #48 which starts with technical riding up water bars. This trail includes rocks, ruts, drops, blown down tree's, and hike-a-bike section(s). Ends with a technical switchback downhill into a three-way intersection with trail #260. Left on trail #260. Mind the terrain.

Left on trail #260
Follow trail to bottom. Primarily downhill. There are a couple super rocky sections; be very careful.

Right on dirt Road
Trail #260 will kick you out on to a dirt road #53. Go right onto the dirt road (if you go left you’ll end up on Hwy 89). Ride will climb approximately 20 minutes to Aid Station #1/3 location. Gets steep at the end. Stick it out and clean it!

Course Split (30 Proof/50 Proof)
4-way Intersection on Copper Basin Rd. marks the 30/50 proof split.

50 Proof
Half left onto the major dirt road at aforementioned 4-way intersection. Go 12 miles down to Skull Valley, staying to the main dirt road. When you reach the stop sign in Skull Valley, turn left and Aid Station #2 will be immediately on your left at the Skull Valley Cafe (be sure'n say hello to Molly while you are there and take the time to enjoy some awesome food). Turn it around at the cafe and head back UP that glorious downhill to Aid Station #1/3. Note, going back up is going to take a lot out of you, pace yourself and have fun! MAKE SURE YOU START WITH A FULL LOAD OF WATER!

Continuing the 30 Proof
Turn right at 4-way intersection. Climb to next 4-way intersection. Go left at 4-way on road 373 up to Sierra Prieta overlook. After taking a gander, turn 180 degrees and start up the switchback single-track trail #266. Do not follow the dirt road past the overlook.

Prieta Overlook
Begin monster 45 min. long descent. At roughly 5-10 minutes down stay right at 3-way intersection on trail # 9401J, an old dirt road. This trail gets very rocky in places, be careful.

Steady Cruising
Continue downhill on trail, be very aware of uncamber and rocky sections ahead. Trail kicks out on to an old dirt road (smooth transition). Turn onto trail #327. After a few minutes of descending on trail #327 there is going to be a right hand turn on trail #321. This turn will sneak up on you at a point when you could be going very fast. Be sure to keep an eye out. During the event it will be marked well however it will still be your responsibility to make the turn. If you get to the 3-way intersection and thin flowing creek you’ve gone to far.

Trail #321
Super fast and fun while paralleling a creek bed. Really good stuff. You are also beginning to get close to the popular hiking areas. PLEASE ride with caution and be very aware of other trail users. Please be courteous toward everyone you encounter.

Trail #323
Turn left on #323 up hill. Follow #323 up the final hill (about 5-7 minutes or so). Follow #323 until you see the option to turn right on #392.

Trail #392
Trail #392 is affectionately known as the “Garden Grove” trail. It's a bomber! A heck of a way to end a ride. Enjoy the descent! At the bottom you’ll ride parallel to  Thumb Butte Rd. and will end where trail #367 begins. Turn right onto trail #367.

Trail #367
Follow trail #367, next to and sometimes crossing Miller Creek, until it spits you back out on Thumb Butte Rd (the trail number changes to #326 near the end, where a trail came in from your right). Again, this is a popular hiking trail. Please be mindful of others recreating in the area.

Road Home
Right on road and follow back into town. This road section will last about 10 minutes and will be primarily downhill. At a traffic light, turn right onto Park Avenue for a gentle climb to Glenwood Avenue where you turn left. You are now back on route you used from the square some hours earlier! Continue on the same route (Glenwood, Summit, Goodwin) to the finish line and cheering crowds on Whiskey Row for a well earned rest. Don't forget to grab your pint glass!

There will be police escorts for the beginning of the ride to the Forest Service area and for the ride leaders on their way back into town. Everyone else riding back into town from the Forest Service area is required to abide by the rules of the road. If for any reason you break the rules of the road you personally are liable for your actions.

On event day the course will be marked with signage and ribbon. All markings will be removed after the event is over. Prior to, during and after the event the course is marked with Prescott Forest Service signage.

Prieta OverlookDon't forget to check out the view from Prietta Overlook (it's worth a gander).

Please refer to topofusion.com for additional course information.

Enjoy the ride!

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